Triall presents at Utrecht Blockchain Nights

Last week, Triall presented at the Utrecht Blockchain Nights to discuss the relevance of blockchain-based mechanisms for clinical trials and international cooperation during infectious disease outbreaks. The night was hosted by Lisk Center Utrecht, a professional blockchain hub that aims to make blockchain tangible with real-life use cases to inspire corporates and innovators. Utrecht Blockchain NightsThe Utrecht […]

Triall joins the Pistoia Alliance

Triall announces that it has joined the Pistoia Alliance, a not-for-profit members’ organization that works to lower barriers to innovation in the Life Sciences and healthcare research and development (R&D) through pre-competitive collaboration. Triall will provide its expertise to help address bottlenecks in clinical research by using the latest open standards in blockchain-enabled technology. What […]

Blockchain to coordinate sharing and cooperation in the fight against infectious diseases

In an increasingly mobile and expeditious world, outbreaks of known or emerging infectious diseases are a real and unavoidable threat. For this reason, it’s vital that we have the right systems in place to quickly detect and effectively respond to new outbreaks. According to a new publication in Science Magazine authored by a group of […]

Triall partners with Dizer Capital

Triall today announces that it has officially partnered with Dizer Capital, a private equity firm focused on startups in the technology sector. The investment provided by Dizer Capital will enable Triall to further the development of their first product Verial eTMF and onboarding of new clients and partners. Triall was initiated with the purpose of addressing […]

Factom Protocol Grant Round 2 2019

Why Triall chooses to build on the Factom Protocol

As the number of blockchain protocols and platforms has increased significantly over the past 3 years, it can be challenging for enterprises to identify the best for building their blockchain-enabled solutions. As an early-stage B2B SaaS company, Triall matched with a public blockchain platform that offers an enterprise-grade infrastructure, substantiated by a track record of […]

Triall highlights of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, the holiday season provides us with time to reflect on what has happened in the past year. It has been an exciting year for Triall, in which we initiated use of our first application, published our whitepaper, and expanded our global value network of partners and advisors. In this […]

How blockchain technology can address persisting issues in today’s clinical trials – Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we explained how blockchain technology can be leveraged to enhance the integrity, auditability, and exchange of data in clinical trials. In this article, we will cover how smart contracts can be used to automate clinical trial activities and improve protocol compliance. This is the final article of a three-part series […]

How blockchain technology can address persisting issues in today’s clinical trials – Part 2

In part 1 of this series,  we explained how blockchain technology can be leveraged to enhance data integrity, auditability, and traceability in clinical trials. In this article, we dive into other unique opportunities offered by blockchain, focusing specifically on digital identity management. This article is the second in a three-part series on blockchain in clinical trials, and […]

Allan Bukuya joins Triall as Advisor eClinical Solutions

Allan Bukuya has joined the Triall initiative as Advisor eClinical Solutions. He brings two decades of experience in clinical research and in-depth understanding of the Pharma, CRO and eClinical industries. Allan is the founder of TrialDocs, a clinical trial services company that offers eClinical solutions for document management to clinical trial sites, empowering researchers to better […]