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A brief introduction to clinical trials, medical research, and pharmaceutical innovation

A steady and efficient influx of novel medical solutions is critical for meeting society’s current and future medical needs. The clinical research industry is responsible for the delivery of these solutions to society by systematically evaluating their safety and efficacy in so-called clinical trials. But what do clinical trials exactly entail and why are they […]

Factom Protocol Grant Round 2 2019

Factom grant supports Triall in optimizing clinical trial recordkeeping through Decentralized Identifiers

Triall today announces that it has received funding as part of the second Factom grant round of 2019. It will use these funds to develop a Factom-enabled Decentralized Identifier (DID) functionality within Triall’s electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) application. The Factom community provides financial support to parties innovating on top of the Factom Protocol through […]

eClinical solutions market

The eClinical market explained

Biopharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and research sites are increasingly using clinical trial IT (‘eClinical’) solutions to smoothen and optimize the management and conduct of their clinical trial activities. As a result, the global eClinical market is expected to register an impressive CAGR of 13,6% over the coming years, reaching $12 billion by 2025. […]

National eHealth Living Lab

The National eHealth Living Lab

The National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) originated in the Leiden University Medical Center and is one of the main partners of Triall. At NeLL, patients, healthcare professionals, consumers, students, scientists, entrepreneurs, organizations, and institutions corporate to develop and create successful eHealth-tools. NeLL strives to be an open, independent, knowledge-driven eHealth community. According to NeLL: eHealth […]

Triall announces the official release of the Triall whitepaper

Triall announces the official release of the Triall whitepaper. This document outlines the foundation’s vision and plans for building towards the world’s first multisided clinical trial platform that is open to all clinical research professionals, utilizing an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure to enable a future of smarter, safer, and more efficient clinical trials. Triall was initiated with […]

Filing Trial Master File

Why We Are Developing a Trial Master File Solution as Our MVP

As the ecosystem’s first application, Triall is developing an electronic Trial Master File solution together with its main technology partner Sphereon. Uniquely, this application enables users to generate verifiable proof of the integrity of their clinical trial data by utilizing the Factom Protocol’s blockchain infrastructure. A functioning prototype of the application is now being enrolled […]

Nature paper blockchain in clinical trials

Nature Publishes Paper on Blockchain in Clinical Trials

Nature has published a paper on the implementation of blockchain technology in clinical trial operations. The study concludes that a blockchain-enabled system could indeed offer an improvement in clinical trial data management and could boost trust in the clinical development process and the ease at which regulators can oversee trials. Clinical trials often involve many different […]