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At Triall, we truly believe that to build and grow a sustainable ecosystem, community engagement and bottom-up initiatives are key. We will engage stakeholders and community members in the decision-making process and governance of the ecosystem, by putting topics up for voting and through our investment vehicle the Triall Community Fund (TCF), which will comprise 10% of the total TRL token supply. In this article, we’ll explain what the TCF exactly entails and how it is designed to engage and incentivize the community for providing value to the ecosystem.

We intend to engage the community in the decision-making process and governance of the ecosystem by putting topics up for voting. Topics that may be put up for voting are major alterations to the ecosystem, preferred incubator programs, token (lock-up) incentives, community programs, and the structure, compensation, and annual evaluation of the relationships with our main partners.

To further engage the community in the development of the Triall Ecosystem, 10% of the total TRL token supply is reserved for the Triall Community Fund (TCF). The TCF will help the Triall ecosystem grow globally through community-sponsored projects. Examples of such projects may include a TRL (mobile) wallet, applications, token integration with other networks, marketing campaigns, websites promoting Triall, bounty programs and competitions, or any other initiative that reaches a majority vote. After the initial pool of 10% of TRL tokens has been depleted, part of the sustainable operating income of Triall may be reinvested into the TCF. Votes in the TCF are non-binding, but guide the selection of top community initiatives in the following way:

In phase 1, anyone can propose a development idea to be (co-)funded by the TCF. To qualify for the admission program, one needs to have locked their TRL tokens. All projects need to provide details on their problem statement, solution, technical specifications, funding goal, use of proceeds, team, past experiences, and previous grants (proposal templates will be provided by Triall).

Subsequently, the 5 best projects will be chosen based on a community vote. In this phase, anyone who is a TRL token holder can vote on the proposed community initiatives. Token lock-up is not required for voting at this stage. 

After all votes are tallied, the top 5 community initiatives (receiving the most votes) will move on to the subsequent phase. These projects will be provided an opportunity to further promote their initiative, for instance, through interviews or AMA sessions hosted by Triall. 

From the 5 selected projects, a winner will be chosen based on a final community vote. In this phase, only token holders who have locked their tokens* can vote on the top 5 community initiatives. 

The initiative receiving the most votes in Phase 4 will be declared the winner. This initiative will be sponsored and (co-) funded by the TCF.

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