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Today, we’d like to introduce our close partner Sphereon, a software development company specialized in the integration of enterprise content management systems and their business processes with blockchain technology. Together with Sphereon, Triall developed its first ecosystem application Verial eTMF: a blockchain-integrated document management solution that enables clinical trial professionals to generate verifiable proofs of their trial-related documents. Sphereon’s deep knowledge of blockchain, digital identities, and verifiable credentials has proven instrumental to the early growth of the Triall ecosystem. Moreover, both companies strongly believe in an ecosystem approach to business networks in today’s hyper-connected world.

Did you know that our piloting of Verial eTMF in 2019 marked the first implementation of blockchain in a live and running clinical trial?

Sphereon has its roots in business process management and document processing. They are a specialist in this field, having developed and implemented award-winning software systems for years. Sphereon develops technology and products in co-creation with governments, enterprises, software developers, and integrators, helping them add a trustlayer to their systems. In the past 2-3 years, they have specialized in using digital identities, confidential storage, and verifiable credentials to support people and organizations in taking control of their private data.

An API-driven software platform 
Sphereon offers a wide array of advanced APIs for document processing and blockchain functions. By offering APIs, they allow organizations to seamlessly connect their business IT systems with multiple blockchain technologies, document and workflows systems, and/or other business applications. Sphereon’s document APIs leverage technologies such as Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to automatically analyze or classify data objects, photos, and documents and extract data. 

Sphereon’s blockchain APIs support multiple blockchains such as Factom, Multichain, Ethereum, HyperLedger, and LTO Network. These APIs can log document metadata on blockchain to prove the authenticity and existence of these documents or provide blockchain-registered digital signatures that support any type of digital object. 

Developing Verial eTMF
Together with Sphereon, Triall developed its first application Verial eTMF, a blockchain-integrated document management solution for clinical trials. The first version of this application was piloted in the summer of 2019, which was credited as the world’s first implementation of blockchain in a live and running clinical trial. The commercial version is now being onboarded in a growing number of clinical trial projects.

Verial eTMF allows clinical trial professionals to create verifiable proofs of the existence and integrity of their trial-related documents. Over time, these proofs shape a blockchain-secured immutable audit trail of clinical trial documents and data. This unique feature promises to provide regulators, health authorities, and patients with greater assurance of the authenticity of clinical trial data and is set to tackle the growing number of data integrity issues found during clinical trial inspections, as reported by the WHO. Over the coming period, Triall and Sphereon will extend Verial eTMF with more features that streamline document management such as AI-enabled automated document classification and blockchain-registered digital signatures.

An invaluable partnership for Triall
Sphereon has been instrumental to the development of our first application. Moreover, their deep technical knowledge of enterprise software, API-driven infrastructures, and emerging blockchain standards such as decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials have been key for the realization of our development roadmap. We look forward to keep innovating together over the years to come.

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