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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce Triall co-founder and Head of Clinical Affairs Joost Flach!

Joost has worked in various positions within the contract research industry. He is an experienced clinical project manager and research scientist, through which he manages and consults on clinical trials for industry and academia. He has an academic background in neuropharmacology and business management and holds a PhD in microbiology. Throughout his career and PhD research, Joost has built ample experience in clinical operations, medical writing, and regulatory approval strategies.  

As head of clinical affairs, Joost sets out to advance medical innovation by bringing the promises of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, to end-users within the clinical research community. Joost ultimately ensures that all of Triall’s software solutions meet the needs of clinical research professionals, paving the way for novel therapeutics with positive societal impact. 

Fun Fact: Joost is also the official (!) Table Tennis Office Champ of 2020. 

Joost on his involvement in Triall: “I am convinced that blockchain technology will be one of the default, under-the-hood, implementations that drive the day-to-day operations of clinical research professionals in 5-10 years. At Triall, we are now laying the groundwork for this technology to be readily integrable in real-world clinical trials globally, and that makes me extremely proud. I want to thank the blockchain pioneers before us, that have provided us with the tools and infrastructure to realize the long-sought-after real-world use cases that we are developing with Triall. “

Joost has been one of the key initiators behind Triall. His passion for clinical research, blockchain, and crypto are ingrained in Triall’s DNA. There’s no denying that Joost is one of our key assets and we’re excited to have him on our team!

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