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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce Triall co-founder and CFO Linda van de Burgwal!

Dr. Linda van de Burgwal is an academic entrepreneur, with over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, research, and education in health and life sciences. Educated in the biomedical sciences, she holds a cum laude master degree in Management and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences, and is professionally trained as a consultant in strategic development for the health and life sciences. Her cum laude PhD described the societal impact of knowledge in the life sciences. As an academic, she studies the interactions that enable stakeholders to achieve a broad societal impact of knowledge. As an entrepreneur, she co-founded several companies, including ttopstart in 2009, and FFUND in 2016.  She is known for her energy, passion in achieving an impact, and ability to initiate and develop partnerships with diverse actors.

> Fun Fact: In another life, Linda would have been a singer-songwriter with a guitar. Although in this life, she only plays the piano 🎹

Linda on Triall: “We are entering an era that is characterized by the democratization of innovation. Large incumbent parties, and small niche innovators together collaborate to further the development of innovative medicine. Hand in hand with this trend, regulatory compliance is more important than ever. These developments deserve an infrastructure that supports collaboration, innovation, and compliance at the same time, and Triall offers exactly that. I am excited to be a part of this, and look forward to new innovations that build upon Triall’s ecosystem to address society’s unmet medical needs.

Linda her diverse knowledge base, consortium building capabilities, and entrepreneurial mindset are key in growing our ecosystem. We’re very happy to have her on our team!

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