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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce Triall co-founder and Head of Product Design Mark van der Waal!

Mark is an academic entrepreneur and management consultant who combines a thorough practical and academic background in health technology innovation. As a PhD candidate, he analyzes the dynamics of intangible resources and intellectual property (IP) rights in the Life Sciences & Health domain. Coming up with new models to leverage the full potential of these hidden organizational assets in processes of health technology innovation and stakeholder value creation is at the core of his doctoral thesis.

Mark performed research into the applicability of blockchain technology for managing intangibles and IP assets, which resulted in a publication in Science. Prior, he investigated science-based product and service innovation in neurosciences, vaccines, and microbiota, designing peer-reviewed management tools to address identified innovation barriers in these domains.

Besides his research projects, Mark has worked as a management consultant, assisting biomedical innovators in communicating value propositions, building strategic value networks, mapping the optimal route for company growth and for staying on track for innovative success. Mark is a passionate (self-taught) graphic designer, and has been involved in UI / UX design projects for business and academia for years.

Fun Fact: Mark travelled from Nairobi (Kenya) to Cape Town (South Africa) on a bicycle 🚲 (a trip that involved a lot of day-dreaming about Hadil’s cake 🍰).

Mark on his involvement in Triall: “Blockchain and decentralized identity technologies provide incredible opportunities for improving the way we organize clinical research, and our digital world at large really. But they are means after all, and not ends in themselves. I’m motivated to apply these technologies as enablers of great user-centered solutions, with smooth user experiences, targeting real-world problems, needs, and demands.”

Mark his creative capabilities, structured approach to problem-solving, and phenomenal attention to both detail and the bigger picture are at the core of Triall’s solutions. We’re extremely glad to have him on board!

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