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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce another invaluable asset to Triall, our CTO Niels Klomp!

Niels is a serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in various CTO roles. Next to his role at Triall, Niels is CTO of Sphereon, where he leads the development of a completely new cloud-based Content Services API Platform that includes blockchain and decentralized identity technology.

Previously, Niels was a third-party representative of the Factom community as an elected guide of the Factom Protocol blockchain. In this capacity, he was responsible for guiding the Factom Protocol to full decentralization together with four worldwide colleagues. Recently he was appointed as Interim Director, where he will drive the adoption and impact of the protocol. As one of the former moderators of the largest Dutch tech community ( and due to his involvement in the Factom Protocol, Niels has extensive experience in online communities and their dynamics.

Niels has over twenty years of experience with GNU/Linux system administration, including High Availability, Clustering and (enterprise) software development. Furthermore, his expertise includes Cloud and microservices architectures for healthcare, education and government verticals. Over the years he has seen many facets of the IT world, from Project Management, Software Development, Continuous integration/delivery to release management.

In the past 5 years, Niels has had a special interest in how blockchain technology and self-sovereign identities can be used to bring data and privacy back to the people. Adhering to and working on industry standards is something that is dear to his heart.

Fun fact: Niels, being raised in the south of the Netherlands, can have endless discussions on how the food in his region is superior to the food in other parts of the country. This includes cake, which should really be a Vlaai or Bossche bol! 😉

Niels on his involvement in Triall: “The idea to use blockchain technology for provenance, identities and audit trails in clinical trials immediately resonated with me. The amount of sensitive data, stakeholders, and regulations involved means security and trust are vital. At Triall, we combine domain expertise and technical knowledge to change the way clinical trials are being conducted, making them cost-effective and safer while also adding additional trust. Something that the COVID-19 pandemic made clear is a necessity. I am confident that with Triall, we can help to reach these goals.” 

Niels his deep technical knowledge, extensive experience with online communities, and tireless work ethic are instrumental in the development and growth of our ecosystem and its community.

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