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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce Triall co-founder and Head of Marketing Raymond van der Waal!

Ray has a background in biomedical sciences and in management & entrepreneurship within the Life Sciences. Over the past 4 years, he built experience as a researcher, consultant, and entrepreneur. His research focused on the impact of market research, intangible assets, and emerging technologies on medical R&D. As a consultant, he previously co-authored a number of successful European Grant proposals for other technology-driven ventures in the healthcare domain. 

Within his role at Triall, Ray has been involved in the design, marketing, and communication of Triall’s value offering. He has a passion for making complex technologies explainable and understandable to a broader audience.

Fun fact: contrary to popular belief, Ray and Mark are not related. In fact, for both of them, it was the first time they met a ‘van der Waal’ that is not a family member!

Ray on his involvement in Triall: We have a big and bold vision for Triall that brings together expertise, methodologies, and technology from various industry domains. This unique mix creates a breeding ground for innovative solutions that are set to change to way we conduct clinical trials. I believe that we now have the means and momentum to create real impact. It’s clear that our journey has only just begun and I’m excited about where we’re heading.

Ray his perseverance, determination and unceasing work ethic have been key drivers of Triall’s growth. He’s a true team player, always ready to help out, and the most reliable colleague one could wish for.

We are lucky to have him!

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