Meet the Triall team: Rob

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Every week Triall introduces one of its core team members. This week, we introduce Triall co-founder and general counsel Rob Posthumus!

Rob has a legal background of 30+ years in finance/insurance, transport, and healthcare/higher education. In the healthcare sector, he also held several management functions. Through his involvement with technology transfer within Erasmus MC he has been supportive of a range of start-ups and the realization of the Erasmus MC Incubator in the Rotterdam Science Tower.

> Fun fact: Rob his parents were not surprised when Rob started his Law studies: “If a Law degree had not existed yet, Rob would have probably invented it.” 🤓

Rob has served as head of the Legal Department at Erasmus MC and participated as legal counsel in several start-ups. In those roles, he encountered the time-consuming and inefficient ways in which a lot of clinical trials have to combat administrative demands and details.

Rob on his involvement in Triall: “The ecosystem we are building will enable the wide range of parties involved to communicate better, guarantee the controlled and failsafe stream of data, and create a complete and transparent database ensuring that regulatory demands can be met. All the time and effort can then be dedicated to the clinical trial project itself, saving money and time.”

Rob his extensive legal experience, diligent work ethic, and rich knowledge of start-up dynamics ensure Triall stays fully aligned for success and legal compliance. We’re very grateful to have Rob aboard!