Sina Djali joins Triall as Advisor Clinical Trial Data Analytics

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Sina Djali will join the ranks of the Triall initiative as advisor Clinical Trial Data Analytics. Sina has over 25 years of experience in drug and clinical development in various companies and academia.

Sina Djali currently is the Head of Integrated Clinical and Operational Analytics in Enabling Business and Information Solutions at Janssen (a pharmacuetical company of Johnson & Johnson). In this role, Sina is responsible for implementing a data-driven approach for qualitative analysis of quantitative data using advanced analytical techniques. Previously he was Head of Risk management – Central Monitoring, where he was responsible for implementing Analytical Risk-Based Monitoring within Janssen’s global clinical development operations, amongst other positions. Prior to joining Janssen in 2015, he has held several positions in regulatory affairs and clinical QA departments at Wyeth and Aventis Pharmaceuticals. 

Building on his rich experience within clinical and operational analytics, Sina will support Triall in the design and development of its clinical trial data analytics capabilities across all of Triall’s (future) product offerings, implementing risk-based management principles within Triall’s core features.

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