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Triall today announces that it has officially partnered with Dizer Capital, a private equity firm focused on startups in the technology sector. The investment provided by Dizer Capital will enable Triall to further the development of their first product Verial eTMF and onboarding of new clients and partners.

Triall was initiated with the purpose of addressing persistent industry pain points that make the conduct of clinical trials overly complex, lengthy, and resource-inefficient. Together with its main technology partner Sphereon, Triall is developing a series of software solutions that directly tailor to these pain points, making use of the blockchain infrastructure of the Factom Protocol to increase oversight, auditability and operational efficiency. Triall’s first application, Verial eTMF, is a blockchain-enabled document management solution designed to reduce time and effort spent on filing while improving the traceability and auditability of clinical trial recordkeeping.

Hadil Es-Sbai, CEO of Triall: “We are very happy to have a knowledgeable investor on board that is passionate about the promises of blockchain technology and rooted in the crypto community. Dizer Capital will support Triall in taking our initiative to the next stage, bringing us one step closer to our vision for a future of smarter, safer and more-efficient clinical trials.”

Dizer Capital’s founder Yassin Mobarak, a process control professional, investor, and entrepreneur, will support Triall’s management team as advisor, providing strategic, operational and financial advice. Yassin has a background in industrial process control systems (23+ years) and has been involved in the blockchain space since 2013. His personal approach and deep knowledge of decentralized systems will contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the Triall initiative.

For more information on Triall and to download the whitepaper, visit:

About Dizer Capital
Dizer Capital (Houston, TX) is a private equity firm focused on startups in the technology sector. Their aim is to be an engine of growth for startups with a bold vision and clear execution plan to push the frontier of what is possible. Dizer capital invests in promising startups, regardless of stage and location, with a focus on blockchain, clean energy, and financial inclusion. They believe and trust in bold entrepreneurs who are building the future through technology. The long-term goal of Dizer Capital is to foster a connected ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, academics, and industry experts.

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