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Factom Protocol Grant Round 2 2019

We are happy to announce that Triall has received support from the Factom community in the form of FCT donations by a number of core community members. These members have expressed their excitement about the potential contributions of Triall to the Factom Protocol in terms of future partnerships, usage, and exposure.

We are amazed by this response and even more motivated to continue building our applications on the Factom Protocol. This gesture shows the power of the Factom community and how we together can progress Triall and the Factom Protocol into the future.

About the Factom Protocol
The Factom Protocol is an open source data integrity protocol that is fully optimized for enterprise adoption, having build a track record of industrial and governmental applications (e.g. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, US Department of Homeland Security). It provides an enterprise-grade, developer friendly, ready-to-use platform to efficiently build blockchain solutions. Moreover, it offers high-throughput and secure data entries at a low fixed cost, unrelated to the volatile cryptocurrency market.

The Factom Protocol provides Triall with network strength and security right from the start and allows us to fully focus on the development of core applications for clinical research professionals and the onboarding of key stakeholders. 

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