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Triall has opened up its pre-sale for investors that can provide considerable value to our ecosystem. In this article, we’d like to provide you with more info on our pre-sale rounds and overall token allocation.

Triall will offer 52% of the total TRL token supply to the community through its Initial Token Offering (ITO) and through the Triall Community Fund. This ITO serves to distribute early access to the Triall ecosystem and will support in funding its development. TRL tokens are issued using the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum and are available for anyone meeting our legal requirements. 

More info on TRL and our token economics can be found here.

ITO structuring

Let’s dive into the key figures of our ITO. Please note that figures depicted between parentheses indicate percentage of the total TRL token supply.

  • The total TRL token supply at ITO will be 175 million.
  • A total of 91 million TRL (52%) will be distributed to the community, of which 31,5 million (18%) will be allocated to the Pre-sale, 42 million (24%) to the Treasury, and 17,5 million (10%) to the Triall Community Fund. 
  • Any unsold tokens from the Pre-sale will be burned. 
  • The Pre-sale price of 1 TRL will be $ 0,125 in the Private Pre-sale round (5%), $ 0,20 in the Retail Pre-sale round (2,5%), and $ 0,20* in the Late Bird Pre-sale round (2,9%).
  • The listing price of 1 TRL will be $ 0,25.
  • The hard cap will be $ 1.093.750 in the Private Pre-sale round, $ 875.000 in the Retail Pre-sale round, and $ 1.025.000** in the Late Bird Pre-sale round.
  • All token allocation pools are bound to a vesting schedule.
  • The market cap*** at the time of our token generation event (TGE) will be $935.312,50 (2,14%)****.

*Edited: previously was set at $ 0,23 and 7,5%. **Edited: to reflect the updated token price and token allocation size. *** Circulating supply x listing price. ****Edited: previously was $ 916.563 (2,10%); updated to reflect IDO vesting.

Token allocation

Triall Community Fund (TCF)
To further engage the community in the development of the Triall ecosystem, 10% of the total TRL token supply is reserved for the Triall Community Fund (TCF). The TCF is established to help the Triall ecosystem grow globally through community-sponsored projects and initiatives. Examples of such projects may include a TRL (mobile) wallet, applications, token integration with other networks, marketing campaigns, websites promoting Triall, bounty programs, and competitions, or any other initiative that reaches a majority vote. After the initial pool of 10% of TRL tokens has been depleted, part of the sustainable operating income from Triall may be reinvested into the TCF.

We will devote a separate post to the Triall Community Fund, in which we’ll explain the qualification procedures and voting mechanisms.

Growth, acquisition & marketing
This pool is intended to support the sustainable growth and adoption of the Triall ecosystem. The tokens will be used for global marketing and facilitate the onboarding of new stakeholders and users for the Triall ecosystem, which will further stimulate the adoption and usage of TRL. In this regard, TRL tokens may also be used as an incentive for vendors and CROs who bring new users to the platform, or as a reward for individuals and companies who provide substantial contributions to the ecosystem.

Liquidity, long-term operations & development
This pool is intended to help sustain the Triall ecosystem over the course of multiple years (in addition to its own revenue schemes) and grow the ecosystem beyond the scope described in our whitepaper. For instance, Triall may opt to develop new applications such as EDCs (Electronic Data Capture solutions) and ePROs (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome solutions) in the future, either in-house or through its incubator program, if the scope and needs of the ecosystem call for it at that time. Similarly, the fund may be used to grow the core team and its strategic advisory board.

Vesting schedules

All of the tokens issued by Triall are bound to a vesting schedule. This serves to drive the sustainable growth of the ecosystem and the token value of TRL. Moreover, vesting schedules help promote the accountability of the founding team, investors and advisors. Founder and advisor tokens in lock-up and vesting are abstained from voting. 

Token pool (% of total)Vested at ITO (% of total)Vesting period*
Private Pre-sale (5%)3% (0,15%)6 months
Retail Pre-sale (2,5%)10% (0,25%)**5 months**
Late Bird Pre-sale (2,9%)***0% (0,00%)12 months
Staking (4,6%)***0% (0,00%)12 months
Airdrop (3%)0% (0,00%)12 months
Treasury (24%)4% (0,96%)25 months
Triall Community Fund (10%)0% (0,00%)30 months
Existing investors (12,5%)3% (0,38%)18 months
Advisors (8%)2% (0,16%)30 months
Founding team (10%)2% (0,20%)30 months
Growth, acquisition & marketing (9,5%)0% (0,00%)30 months
Liquidity, long-term operations & development (8%)0% (0,00%)30 months
Total token supply (100%)2% (2,10%)30 months****
* Linear vesting schedule every month.
** 0,29% is allocated to the Prostarter IDO which knows a 25% initial unlock and 3 months of monthly linear vesting.
*** Late bird pool (7,5%) has been split into late bird (2,9%) and staking (4,6%) pools.
**** It takes 30 months before all tokens are fully vested, as depicted in the graph below.

Currencies & compliance

Accepted currencies
We will accept USDT as the primary means of payment during the $TRL pre-sale campaign.

Compliance with financial authorities
All token buyers will have to go through a whitelisting procedure, compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and regulations. For our token sale event, we plan to only offer TRL tokens to those who (1) are authorized and have full power to purchase TRL tokens according to the laws that apply in their jurisdiction of dominance, (2) are compliant with local, state and national laws and regulations when purchasing, selling and/or using TRL tokens, and (3) have a nationality and live/have their seat in a jurisdiction that allows Triall to sell tokens through a crowd sale without requiring any local authorization. Details on the ITO procedures will be provided on the token sale platform website. 

Registration for our token Pre-sale has opened. Want to be part of a #blockchainforgood initiative? We welcome both retail and institutional investors to register their interest by signing up through our website (

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